Custom Disney T-Shirts

I will jump at any opportunity to have us wear matching shirts (have you seen our baseball party?). I know there is a only finite amount of time I can continue to do this before I am met with eye rolls, refusals and sighs of, “mom, you are so weird and lame.” And so, a new tradition was born. While the kiddos still think it is the most fun thing ever, on the day of departure of our annual family vacation we’ll all don custom t-shirts designed by us!

Our trip this year was to the happiest place on earth, Disney World. The inspiration for the illustration came from some hand-drawn infographics we’d seen recently, as well as private jokes and fun moments from our first trip to Disney last year. The kids got to participate in creating the shirt by choosing which rides and stories to highlight (lunch with Pooh and It’s a Small World were must-haves) and helping art direct me as I drew.

Check out some photos of our trip (and shirts) on Flickr.

  1. John Nack says: July 11, 201212:32 am

    If and when the boys declare you weird & lame, I will again petition for the chance to be your child: It looks pretty great. :-)

  2. oliiva says: September 28, 20126:29 am

    Very randomly found this bolg. LOVE every single post. Too bad its not updated verry often. so Happy and inspiering. I would read it every day if it would be uptated frecuently :)


  3. Andrea Freeman says: February 1, 20131:25 pm

    Does you sell these amazing shirts? Just about to take my son to Disney for the first time on his 2nd birthday…this is the cutest shirt ever!

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