NYC Subway Costumes

In the Halloween wake of Hurricane Sandy, our little 6 and F trains were, quite literally, the only subways running at the time. Matthew outdid himself yet again and created another gorgeous, completely custom handcrafted subway car — though scaled down slightly to fit Holden! Cooper wanted to wear his for the third year in a row with an updated train line (in prior years, it was formerly a 3 train and a 7 train.) I fear for what we’ll have to build next when he finally outgrows it…

7 Train

Lucky for us, Cooper wanted to resurrect last year’s subway train Halloween costume with a simple re-routing to the 7 line.

Charlie Chaplin

Holden looking olden as the silent film star for Halloween.

3 Train

Matthew spent several sleepless nights hand-crafting (from scratch!) this stunning subway replica Halloween costume — AND it lights up, people! Go dad!

Read more about how he made the train.

Tiny Don Draper

For Halloween, 8-month-old Holden channels everyone’s favorite 1960s ad exec — Don Draper. We made the Canadian Club booze out of a bottle of iced tea, and his “women” came from the dollar store. Tiny Don handed out the business cards while trick-or-treating!

I was fortunate enough to have my friend Alicia pass along photos of Holden’s costume to Vincent Kartheiser (Peter Campbell!), via her brother who was interviewing him. From what we hear, Vincent liked the costume.